What do you get when you cross space exploration with beyond imagination creation and add a dash of grand-scale MMO into the mix? I’m not entirely sure myself, but it sounds a lot like Dual Universe, an upcoming game from Paris-based studio Novaquark.

Dual Universe is a game with ambition, a game that hopes to bring a widely persistent connected universe in which players can explore the game’s universe of planets and build their own structures, space stations, and even huge freighter ships. The only thing holding players back is their imagination.

With player-driven in-game economy, politics, trade and warfare, players can band together to become rulers of worlds, or forge their own factions and become space pirates.

Dual Universe doesn’t just have a great concept, it’s also built upon technologies that could revolutionise the world of MMO gameplay. This proprietary tech allows the game to be shared by all players at all times, with no instances, zones, or transitions.

“Because with innovation comes risk, most publishers don’t take the chance to support creative projects like Dual Universe. The game is a revolutionary take on the MMO genre, enough to make it difficult to finance by conventional means. For the past three years we have been funded privately, keeping our independence to develop ground-breaking technology”, says Jean-Christophe Baillie, founder and president of Novaquark. “To complete our vision, we need the community’s support for Dual Universe, in order to remain independent and move forward in the direction of the game we all want to make. The more backing we will have, the stronger we will be, and the more independent we can remain.”

To have a more detailed look at Dual Universe, you can head to the Kickstarter page which launched earlier this week where the developers hope to raise 500,000 Euro to help fund the games development.

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