We’ve had Batman vs. Superman, now it’s probably time for X-Men vs. Aliens, but then again this is Fox, so I think the idea I’m about to share with you will probably remain a dizzy daydream.

Fun fact, the X-Men have a villain called The Brood, an evil race that bear a lot of resemblance to Xenomorphs from the Aliens horror franchise. The Brood first appeared in 1982 so they could’ve been inspired by the movies.

So, X-Men is owned by Fox who also happen to own Aliens. And X-Men director, Bryan Singer has previously spoke about setting his next X-Men movie in space, so hopefully, you now understand where I am going with this.

So what we have is simple, an R-rated X-Men vs. Aliens movie.

The characters are simple: In the comics, you have tonnes of mutants running around all over the place that’ll make great red-shirt phaser fodder and can provide some interesting action sequences.

So off the top of my head, you can have Fantomex, Pixie, Anole, Indra, Loa and Network. The basic rule, anyone who is visually recognisable for the geek press, would work, no cult favourites, because of plot armour and usefulness later on, like Iceman or Rogue for example.

The Aliens franchise will contribute the Aliens and Weyland Yutani, who have a deep space research post that they’ve lost contact with and (if they have the rights for it) they need to rescue Abagail Brand, the head of SWORD (it’s like SHIELD but in space). The mysterious attackers are codenamed ‘The Brood’ with the hope that when the Aliens appear, it’s a total surprise kept under wraps.

They approach the X-Men with some kind of support that will help them in their struggle for equality, while the main team are busy, it’s up to the unproven B-team to take the mission. The X-Men must join a team of Weyland mercenaries and some mutants they’ve already recruited and are considered enemies to the X-Men.

A few enemies that could benefit from the freedom of an R-rated movie. Omega Red, and maybe the Reavers or the U-men who were created by Weyland Yutani in this universe.

They go to the space station, where some die, the Aliens gets revealed and they eventually escape with fewer members and the survivors gaining some kind of new respect for each other after a gory super powered battle with the Aliens.

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