Earlier this week The Pokémon Company announced that this Friday they were to premiere a brand new mini-series titled Pokémon Generations. Lucky for us, they didn’t just premiere one episode, they threw another out there too!

Pokémon Generations is a web-exclusive animated series which hopes to take viewers on a journey through the various different Pokémon generations which have launched throughout the years.

Episode one, titled “The Adventure” focuses on the original Red and Blue games, with the original title screen from those games appearing before the short begins. This episode sees Pikachu battling from region to region, starting with Kanto and ending in Kalos.

“The Chase” brings Team Rocket back into the fray with its leader Giovanni. Unfortunately there’s no Jesse or Jane to be seen. We do see Detective Looker of the International Police looking for more information, however.

Pokémon Generations is an 18-episode series which will launch every week until December 23. Each episode will run for no longer than 5 minutes and will highlight various key moments of the first six generations of Pokémon games.

Watch the two episodes below:

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