Pokemon GO Qualtrics

Pokémon Go is certainly something. Following its launch earlier this year the AR game shot to the top of the charts and managed to earn more money than all other apps combined. A few months later though those numbers are dwindling, but it doesn’t spell the end for the game.

According to analytics firm Slice, Pokémon Go has lost 79% of its paying players since its peak on July 15. While this may seem like bad news for Niantic Labs, it’s worth noting that at one point Pokémon Go was making way more than all other mobile games combined. In fact, despite this drop in numbers, the game remains the most profitable mobile game available.


Interestingly, around the time of this spike in spending in Pokémon Go, Slice found that spending on mobile overall had increased around this time too which lasted for around two months until it died back down again. This likely shows that there were a handful of new customers spending money on mobile games who hadn’t previously.

After around two months though, this spending trend died down somewhat and returned to the average seen ahead of the release of the game.

It kind of seems obvious that the hype for Pokémon Go would die down. Niantic Labs had a bit of a rocky start and even today the app is missing some substantial features. However in the next few days the Pokémon Go Plus wearable will arrive, plus the upcoming smartwatch compatibility will also be coming, so we could indeed see some players returning to the game.



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