Do you like the idea of causing chaos in a virtual reality bar with maybe a tiny little bit of pool, darts and other minigames on the side? With your friends? Who doesn’t!

Pool Nation VR has become a bit of a VR gaming staple since its debut on Steam back in June, but it’s been more or less out of reach for everyone who doesn’t quite have the £700+ for an HTC Vive alongside the money required to build a PC capable of comfortably running VR games.

Pool Nation VR goodness may very well be on the horizon for PS4 players however, because developers Perilous Orbit and Cherry Pop Games announced today that Pool Nation VR will be coming to PlayStation’s upcoming VR headset.

Richard Kidd, CEO of Perilous Orbit, had this to say on the PSVR port’s announcement:

“Playing pool in VR feels just like breaking balls in real life, you get to look around the table, line-up your shot with just the right angle as you would in your local pool hall. Our two development teams together deliver years of experience with video game physics necessary for a great pool game and proven talent in the virtual reality space.”

“Together we are creating the most immersive pool experience with consistent updates and features to keep the game fresh.”

The PlayStation VR port will contain all the PC version’s content, while adding support for multiplayer hangouts for up to eight players.

Pool Nation VR’s PlayStation VR port does not have a release date as of yet, but it’s a safe bet we’ll be getting more details once the PlayStation VR headset itself gets a firm release date.

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