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The upcoming Power Rangers flick has a release date and all of the new Power Rangers are on their swanky looking new Zords, so now is the time for wide crazy fan theories about the upcoming movie.

In the absence of there not really being a lot of buzz around the Power Rangers news dump, I’ll drop all my feelings about it now. So if you follow the official Power Rangers Instagram you’ll have probably seen the new posters of each ranger striking a pose on their new Zord. The photos don’t entirely show the Zords, but imagine if Tony Stark got his hand on a downed Transformer and made a bunch of robot dinosaurs, and you kind of get the drift. Check out Jason below:

Candy apple red. #GoGo #RedRanger! #PowerRangersMovie – In theaters March 24, 2017.

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It can’t help admire the Power Rangers marketing campaign and sort of loathe it. I admire it because it’s so simple and straight to the point, and using Instagram – a relatively new social media platform, at least in this case – to distribute posters you’d only see at a cinema, straight to a potential audience.

On the other hand, from a reporting sense, it’s kind of a nightmare, since posters and images only have so much information and with no trailer yet, what we can talk about feels a bit limited.

March is a bit early for a blockbuster, though isn’t it? I mean Batman vs. Superman was an early blockbuster and so was G.I Joe Retaliation…

So I’ve decided to add my two cents to the smelly pond and speculate widely about what this upcoming movie will entail.

The Green Ranger will be teased next: The Green Ranger is arguably the most developed of the original Power Rangers and considered to be the most memorable. It’d be logical that he or she may be introduced so he can become useful in a sequel.

The studio will be looking at many sequels and spin-offs: Of course, they’ll make loads of sequels why else would they be making the film? Though will they try to make some spin-offs? I mean back in the 90s Saban was thinking about creating a Bulk and Skull spin-off following the adventures of the comic relief bullies. Though I have a feeling the studio would be interested in a Green Ranger.

Feels like flying. #GoGo #PinkRanger! #PowerRangersMovie – In theaters March 24, 2017.

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I doubt this series will try to introduce the plot holes made in the TV show: Power Rangers had loads of plot holes and stories that never got concluded. Like why did Bulk and Skull going to France never get addressed and who was the Shadow Ranger? Don’t expect these questions to be answered in this sleek Star Trek style re-invention.

Don’t expect Masked Rider, VR Troopers, or Big Bad Beelteborgs to roll up: I know for a fact that the creator of Kamen Rider, the show that Masked Rider (Kamen is Masked in translation) was adapted from has made sure that Saban will never get to use Kamen Rider again, so anyone looking forward to Dex and his power belt making a return, will be waiting a long time.

Anyone who vaguely remembers VR Troopers maybe interested to know that Ryan Steel the lead VR Trooper was going to be revealed as the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo, but I doubt this will lead to a VR Trooper movie itself, maybe it’ll appear in a draft, but Into Darkness kind of showed that rebooted universe’s taking on classic mythology can swing and miss, see the poll where Star Trek fans voted the film as the worst Star Trek film ever.

Maybe these properties will get a vague reference, but I can’t see a shared universe coming from this. I could be wrong, since I really want to see an adaptation of that episode where Kim goes back in time and rallies the team’s ancestors to become the Mighty Morphin Western Rangers.

His other ride's a minivan. #GoGo #BlueRanger! #PowerRangersMovie – In theaters March 24, 2017.

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Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Kat will always be a re-casting away: If any of the cast decide they want more money or if the studio gets very cross with them, Jason can easily become Rocky and Kim can become Kat and be replaced like the actors in the original show.

The only problem they’ve got it is Billy, since no-one replaced the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger, expect a clone. Let’s hope that don’t watch that Might Morphin Parody Rangers animated.

Now I’ve been good, it’s time for two crazy fan theories I sort of wish could come true.

The Megazords are actually Transformers that Zordon somehow re-programmed: What if Zordon had a dark secret? Are the Dino Megazords actually Transformers trapped in vehicle mode and re-programmed to obedient servants of the Power Rangers?

How would the Autobots and Decepticons? React to this?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will roll up:  That Power Rangers in Space episode was terrible, but maybe a crossover movie would be better than the current TMNT franchise?

In conclusion, I could be wrong and maybe this will all come true. Though could this lead to a Sailor Moon film? It’s got be more watchable than the new anime surely?

Hot new whip doesn't begin to explain it. #GoGo #BlackRanger! #PowerRangersMovie – In theaters March 24, 2017.

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