Rainbow Six: Siege

It’s looking like Ubisoft isn’t quite done with content updates for Rainbow Six Siege as a new survey hints at a possible second Season Pass coming to the game.

While in other games, the prospect of ANOTHER Season Pass may seem like a cash grab, the way Ubisoft has handled content updates in Rainbow Six Siege has been impressive, and I’m totally not mad at the idea of another season pass.

You see, rather than holding content behind a paywall, all content (even that included in the Season Pass) can be acquired through normal gameplay. Granted, it takes a little longer for players to unlock Operators included in DLC updates, but the option is still there and achievable if you play the game a lot.

The Season Pass for Rainbow Six Siege obviously gives players this content as soon as it’s available, in fact Season Pass holders get early access to the new Operators, so there’s definitely some appeal for those keen to get hands-on with the latest Operators, but like I said, it’s optional as the content can be unlocked through general play.

News of a second Season Pass comes via reddit user BOP-OPAB who received the survey which strongly suggests a new Seasons worth of content could be incoming. The survey asks players what type of content they’d like to see in the next season pass, with options including uniforms, skins, more exclusive customisation items, and more.

If Ubisoft were to follow the current Season Pass, that would mean we’d be seeing more Operators and more free maps being added to the game in the future.

The current season pass for Rainbow Six Siege ends later this year with the release of the Japanese operators and map. So we could be seeing a new Season Pass for 2017.

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