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League of Legends has become one of the biggest multiplayer online battle arena games in the world, and the company behind it, Riot Games, has turned ten years old. To celebrate, the company has revealed some pretty massive numbers for their MOBA.

Since September 2006, Riot Games has become one of the biggest companies in the competitive eSports scene. Most of this is driven by its MOBA, League of Legends, which the company revealed has 103 million monthly users.

To celebrate the anniversary and the huge success of the game, any player who has jumped into League of Legends in the past 60 days will receive a new summoner icon as well as a Riot Kayle skin. Those who don’t already own Kayle will also receive her free of charge.

If you already own Kayle and the Riot skin, you’ll receive a mystery gift, or the RP equivalent to the mystery gift’s value. If you haven’t played League of Legends in a while, you’ve got until this weekend to do so in order to grab the free gifts.

This weekend will also see a special double IP weekend, which starts 12:01 a.m. Pacific on Friday, September 16, and runs through 11:59 Pacific on Sunday, September 18.

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