Rebellion has today announced that players who pre-order their upcoming sniper shooter, Sniper Elite 4, will be rewarded with a little Hitler-themed treat.

Once again, players will be tasked with the mission of killing Adolf Hitler in Sniper Elite as the Target Fuhrer mission comes to Sniper Elite 4 as part of a pre-order bonus. In a brand new trailer for the game players can experience the stealth and skull-splitting gameplay set against the Italian backdrop.

Oh, and they can kill Hitler too.

I mean, think about it… It wouldn’t be a Sniper Elite game if we didn’t get a chance, at some point, to pop one in Hitler’s skull, so it comes as no surprise that Rebellion have created a new mission taking players with assassinating the Fuhrer.

In Target Fuhrer, players once again assume the role of Karl Fairburne as he takes on the mission to take down the commander of a Nazi U-boat facility. However, he quickly discovers that he’s been assassinated already by a shadowy visitor. Now, Karl’s mission has changed, and it’s to Target Fuhrer!

Now players must destroy the U-boat base and take down Hitler in as many creative ways as they can, because as always these missions offer many possibilities, oh and you can be joined by a friend too in two-player co-op.

Check out the new trailer below as well as a new batch of screenshots:

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