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SEGA has this week unveiled probably the best collector’s edition of a game I’ve ever seen, and one that I’ll likely never own. The Sonic Mania Collector’s Editition is a fantastic and nostalgic edition that’s sadly only coming to North America.

The Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition, which is exclusive to North America, features a downloadable copy of Sonic Mania, a 12″ statue of Sonic standing on top of a Mega Drive (or Sega Genesis for you US folk), and a Golden Ring which sits inside a replica Mega Drive cart. The statue also features the ifonic SEGA start-up sound too, which is a real treat.

The Collector’s Edition, while only available in North America, can be imported to the UK through Amazon on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One priced $69.99, if you so wish.

When asked by many about a European release, SEGA simply replied with:

“The collector’s edition for Sonic Mania has been announced; to confirm this edition is only available in North America. There is no information regarding a pre-order incentive for Europe at this time.”




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