After months and months of rumours, Sony has now revealed more information on their upcoming, more powerful PlayStation 4, officially named the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Previously known as the PlayStation 4K or PlayStation NEO, Sony’s Andrew House finally unveiled the official name; The PS4 Pro. This new PlayStation is designed to complement and sit along side the standard PlayStation 4 console, but will allow a much better gaming experience for hardcore gamers or those who have upgraded to 4K technology.

The PS4 Pro will feature an upgraded GPU, a boosted clock rate, interoperability, and much more. Basically, it’s a slightly more powerful PlayStation 4 to make the most of evolving technology such as 4K TVs. Not unlike Microsoft’s Xbox One S.

“Our goal is to deliver high-fidelity graphical experiences,” said Mark Cerny. “We aim to provide developers with tools to further their visions.”

Essentially, the PS4 Pro will play the exact same games you can play on your standard PlayStation 4, but will unlock better visuals and use the power of the hardware to generate much better and smoother gameplay. In addition, some games may play different depending on which console you’re playing on.

Of course, Sony also mentioned PlayStation VR, and as you’d expect, the new console will do wonders for the new VR system, which is to be expected.

So, how much is this new PS4 Pro set to cost and when is it launching? The PlayStation 4 Pro will launch on November 10 for €399.99.

Finally, Sony acknowledged the existence of the insanely leaked PlayStation 4 Slim, but won’t be calling it as such, rather it’s the new “slimmer PS4”. This will go on sale on September 16 from €299.99.


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