Cubical Drift has this week announced that their stunning voxel-based 3D adventure game, Stellar Overload, will be coming to Steam Early Access on October 12.

Previously known as Planets³, Stellar Overload throws players onto procedural voxel worlds equipped with a block-thrower and a jetpack, giving them a fully sandbox experience to do whatever they wish on the planets they discover.

The game, which secured $300,000 on Kickstarter, is already supported by a pretty huge community as well as Epic Games who awarded the developers with a grant in recognition of the game’s use of the Unreal Engine.

Stellar Overload is set to offer players their own unique experience as they can build their own cubical worlds however they want. From painting, building, and altering entire sections of the world, as well as copy/pasting creations and other things. It also offers both single player and multiplayer co-op modes so players can build on their own cluster of planets.

Coming to Early Access on October 12, Cubical Drift are set to introduce more planets, weapons, tools, enemies, and more as development continues.

“The team at Cubical Drift is every bit as passionate about Stellar Overload and gaming as the community which plays our game,” said Michel Thomazeau, founder and CEO of Cubical Drift. “We wanted to stay true to that and tried to deliver a game that would be like us, like our vision of gaming: fun, offering freedom of action and endless possibilities.”

You can check out the game below in both video and screenshot form:

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