During Apple’s iPhone keynote today, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto took to the stage to announce the first Mario game for iOS, Super Mario Run, a one press Mario game coming first to iOS later this year.

At the event, Miyamoto unveiled Super Mario Run, the company’s first proper mobile game following the release of Miitomo, and it looks pretty damn good. It’s a game which can be played with one hand as players tap the screen to make Mario jump across various obstacles in familiar Super Mario levels.

It reminds me a lot of Flappy Bird, but rather than having a bird hop through various gaps, players will see Mario running automatically across the screen and they must tap to have him jump both across gaps, as well as bunching bricks to spawn mushrooms.

There’s also a challenge mode which allows players to directly challenge their friends’ high scores in levels. This mode will have players racing against their friends’ ghost performing daring moves in order to impress Toad. The more you impress the various Toads who appear throughout the level, the higher the score.

Super Mario Run won’t be a free to play game, however. Miyamoto revealed that it’ll cost one price and will allow players to play as much as they want at no additional cost. Pricing for the game will be announced at a later date.

As for the game’s release, an exact date wasn’t revealed, but it will be launching during Holiday 2016.

There was also one final announcement which came in the form of official Mario stickers that can be used in iMessage. These will be coming alongside the launch of iOS 10.


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