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While download speeds are still an issue in the UK, things are steadily improving. One area which fails to improve however is upload speed. It’s something Britons are becoming more familiar with, and are starting to demand much more from ISPs.

While various ISPs here in the UK offer various different broadband packages that offer faster speeds, there’s one area which all of them falter, and that’s upload speed. While companies are offering 10, 30, and even 100Mbps download, pretty much every company has a standard 12-19Mbps upload speed.

As Internet users start sharing more and more online, from pictures to videos, upload speed is more in demand than ever and users are calling for more options when it comes to upload.

According to a survey from ISPPreview which surveyed 2,209 people in the United Kingdom, 94% of respondents are now familiar with Internet upload speeds, with a whopping 30% claiming to “need” an upload performance of 20Mbps or greater.

This demand likely stems from the ability to share almost anything online as easy as pushing a button. Not only that, the rise of live-streaming on both Facebook Live, Periscope, and of course video streams to Twitch and YouTube, upload speeds are quickly being put in the spotlight.

This shows a dramatic change over the past couple of years, according to ISPPreview, who’s survey in November 2014 found that only 4″% of UK respondents knew their upload speeds, and 58.5% of respondents didn’t think it mattered that much.

Probably the most shocking part of the latest survey is that the majority of respondents (31.2%) claimed to have upload speeds of 1Mbps.‘s Founder, Mark Jackson weighed in on the survey saying:

“In the past the need for upload performance was considerably lower because most of the related tasks, such as multiplayer video games and VoIP, didn’t require a particularly fast upstream link. But over the years’ this has begun to change, particularly with the rapid rise of social networking (Facebook, WhatsApp), cloud storage and the adoption of P2P file sharing technology into many digital distribution platforms (e.g. Microsoft updates, Xbox Live etc.).

“Suffice to say that it’s easy to see why the demand for better upload performance is growing, as anybody who has ever tried to upload a large number of high quality pictures and videos via a 1Mbps connection to Facebook could easily attest. Sadly many ISPs are still reluctant to openly promote upload speeds, which is partly because such speeds are often slower than the download rate and providers may fear that this could confuse consumers.

“Furthermore it’s clear from this that the Government’s plan to introduce a new 10Mbps Universal Service Obligation (USO) by 2020 must pay serious heed to the need for comparable upload performance, particularly with 65% of respondents now claiming to ‘NEED’ an upload speed of 10-20Mbps+.”

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