I have to admit something: I have a penchant for phone cases. I change them like the wind and I just can’t get enough of the different designs, colours, and more. However, I think I may have found a case that I’m probably going to keep on my phone, that is until I upgrade, and that’s the Totallee case called “The Scarf”.

Before being contacted by Totallee to review their cases I hadn’t actually heard of the company. Based out in South Pasadena, California, Totallee aim to make both durable yet ultra thin phone cases that are also stylish. And I think they’ve cracked it.

We were fortunately sent all three of their phone cases to look at, aptly titled The Doberman, The Spy, and The Scarf. The Doberman is the more robust of the three offering full 360 degree protection, though remaining 0.06″ thin. The Spy is a fully clear case designed for those who want decent protection, yet without the obviousness of a phone case, and it’s only 0.04″ thin. And finally, there’s The Scarf, a 0.02″ thin case that feels practically invisible.

I’ve managed to get good use out of all three cases, but for me the one which comes out on top is The Scarf, though I’ll go into more detail later.

The Doberman


Priced at just $19, The Doberman offers fantastic protection at a fraction of the cost of other cases. While it’s not quite as robust and protective as the Native Union Clic 360 for example, it’s practically half the price, much thinner, and offers a very good amount of protection.

It offers a sleek matte black design which has a little hole so you can see the Apple logo, which is great for those who like to show off that they own an iPhone. Despite being 0.06″ thin, there’s still a decent level of protection, even on the front as the case wraps neatly around the edge of the phone meaning face down drops onto a hard flat surface will hopefully save your screen.


One thing I will say about the case though is that this particular model encases your phone’s buttons and due to the cases sturdy nature, they can be pretty difficult to press. But it’s a simple sacrifice for a decent level of protection.

The Spy


The Spy is named simply because the case is transparent while at the same time not being too bulky. It’s a simple case and is perfect for those wanting to see their iPhone in all its glory. I mean, you chose Rose Gold for a reason, not to have it hiding in a case.

In terms of protection, it’s not quite as robust as The Doberman, but there’s still way more protection than not having a phone case at all. Interestingly, like other clear gel cases The Spy doesn’t feel like your phone is rapped in cheap plastic. There are practically zero injection mould lines, and very little imperfections meaning you can see every inch of your phone.

The idea behind The Spy is invisibility and that’s definitely been achieved here. While you can definitely feel that the phone is in a case, at a glance it can look like you’re going bare, which is pretty awesome.


Of all of the clear iPhone cases I’ve seen, it offers no frills but it does the job. Though if you’re expecting any fancy colours, you’re out of luck.

The Scarf


Now this, this is the phone case for me. The Scarf is impossibly thin at just 0.02″ yet manages to remain glued to your phone no matter how many times you remove it. If you’re looking for a case that feels like you’re not wearing a case, then this one is for you.

If you’re looking for a level of protection, The Scarf offers very minimal. Sure, it’ll protect your iPhone from scratches, but if you drop your phone often I’d probably say bye bye to that screen.

What really impressed me with The Scarf was how well it remained intact and the sheer build of the case. The Scarf could be compared to Native Union’s Air case, which is essentially the same thing, however, after just a few weeks with the Air, the entire case completely stretched out and warped, I was left with a case that was practically hanging off with bits of bent plastic bowing out from the sides.


The Scarf on the other hand, despite being taken on and off a number of times, has kept its structure and shows no signs of weakness. And that alone is impressive.


Overall Totallee’s range of phone cases, from The Doberman to The Scarf are of the utmost quality and for only $19 a pop they’re absolutely worth the slightly premium price you pay for. They’re actually, in my opinion, better quality that other premium brands, which is definitely a plus.

In addition, they’ve just released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus versions of the above cases, so if you’re planning to purchase the new Jet Black colour but don’t want it to become a scratch magnet, The Spy would be a perfect case.

You can purchase all three of the above cases from Totallee’s website.

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