I’ve been thinking about The Flash for a while now and I just can’t help think that there are at least two missed tricks that the DC Movie Universe team has missed out on. So I thought I’d walk you through my two ideas for The Flash as a movie character.

Off the bat, I just like to express how cool I think it would be if The Flash wears some kind of Iron Man speed suit that helps with his powers. It reminds me of this seriously manga/anime style Deviant version of the character I saw on their website many years ago.

Though, I think this was a huge missed opportunity to create some continuity for this fledging shared movie universe. I mean that’s what every DC film since Man of Steel has been doing hasn’t it? The rush to create a big and exciting world of endless possibilities.

I just don’t think two version of Barry Allen will honestly further these plans, it just seems so unambitious. Though I have two ideas that I think could work:

  1. Bart Allen is The Flash of this world: Batman vs. Superman introduced us to Gotham and a new Batman who had a long history of crime fighting, as well as different villains and allies. What if we took this further and The Flash is actually Bart Allen, the great grandson of Barry from the distant future?

    Imagine of Barry, Wally and Jay had passed on and now this young hero took up the mantle? A long legacy quickly installed right there. DC could even say that Bart is pretending to be Barry for some reason that could be explained in his solo movie.

  1. Grant Gustin is flung into the movie universe: Imagine if the TV Flash somehow left his universe and ended up in the movie universe? Maybe he ran too fast and found himself face to face with Bruce Wayne and a very cross Arthur Curry?

    Geoff Johns hinted that this was a possibility and what if Gustin Flash needs to help the Justice League on their mission so he can get home? Maybe he even sets up The Flash of this movie universe. Anything is possible.

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