The doors have opened for this year’s EGX gaming event in Birmingham and while over 75,000 people are expected to grace the show floor this weekend, not everyone will be able to make it. Fortunately you won’t miss out entirely.

Amazon and EGX have teamed up to bring a select handful of games from the show floor directly to PC players at home. GameSessions has teamed up with the two to bring seven games from the show floor directly to your PC at home, they include:

  • Mainlining
  • Shu
  • Earth’s Dawn
  • The Bunker
  • Hue
  • Congamaster
  • Hopiko

“We’re looking forward to welcoming 75,000 gamers at EGX this week but for those who can’t make it we’re delighted to offer a selection of the games on show for people to play free of charge,” explained Rupert Loman, CEO of Gamer Network. “Thanks to our partnership with Amazon and GameSessions we’re able to put some brilliant indie games in front of even more gamers than ever before.”

So how do you get hands-on with the games? Simple, just head on over to the Amazon EGX hub and download a free trial for the above games.

You’ll be able to download these games from September 22 to September 25 along side the event.

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