18 years ago Blizzard had a Warcraft point-and-click adventure game in the works titled Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans. It was set to be a dark comedy game in a similar vein as popular LucasArts titles, but sadly, it was cancelled.

This week though, a playable version of the game has resurfaced and you can play it right now! A user by the name of Reidor, some how managed to find a copy of the incomplete game and posted a download link for the game in the Scrolls of Lore forum.

The game itself was no secret as footage of the cancelled title has been circulating online for years, but up until now, no one had a proper build of the game.

You can download the playable build now (until Blizzard takes it down, that is) which weighs in at about 500MB. You’ll be able to help Thrall find whatever he’s looking for through a few locations, pointing and clicking until your heart’s content.

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