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It’s a little late in the summer to be offering a review of Star Trek: Beyond, but I can tell you  that it was pretty awesome. But the greatness of this film has left wondering what is next for the franchise?

In my opinion for the first rebooted Star Trek movie was good and was a thrilling introduction to this new world. The second one was a bloated and belated mess that embraced everything that makes a sequel bad.

It contained a convoluted plot, no character development, and a stunt-casted villain that didn’t do anything. So it was a refreshing surprise that Star Trek: Beyond worked so well. You can credit most of the success down a to a simple plot and doing what the original film series did, if things get a bit too big and topple, strip it down to the bare minimum and reduce the stakes.

So instead of the crew of The Enterprise having to save the whole known galaxy, instead they were tasked with saving a space station that limited the story to a much smaller location.

The big issue with this one being a success is that everyone involved is probably ready to move away from Star Trek.

If you look at the cast, some will have their eyes on bigger and better things now they’ve had time for their careers to flourish. Like Zoe Saldana whose now tied up in the Marvel Universe and is moving into bigger and better movies.

Judging by Chris Pine’s comments on the franchise, he’s looking to ride on Wonder Woman’s coat tails into the DC Universe. Meanwhile, Simon Pegg’s involvement with the script could mean that’s he’s now getting more interested in working behind the camera.

Since this one’s made quite a bit of money, Paramount is going to want another sequel. As far as I see it, I think these are their options.

If they can manage it, they can keep the cast and make another movie with the creative team involved and just push Abrams and his entourage a little further out (I blame his influence for the failure of Into Darkness)

They set up Sulu’s daughter, so set the story many years later where story follows her adventures in Starfleet and put the remainder cast in some old people makeup and boom. Or simply, begin adapting The Next Generation, Voyager or Deep Space Nine.

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Ugh, I don’t like your ideas one bit. I don’t agree with your synopsis of the first two films, nor do I agree with your proposed direction on future films. The creative team and studio have done a great job rebuilding the Star Trek universe, and your egotistical dismissal of the second film is absurd, it was a fantastic movie. Whether it made a lot of money or not, it was an excellent film. Convoluted Mess? That’s the most egotistical and stuck-up criticism I’ve seen of any recent film, and it really drives me crazy when film critics with massive… Read more »