Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, has been installed on at least 400 million devices around the world, the company has announced.

This figure is up from the 350 million Microsoft announced at the end of June showing that despite the operating system being over a year old now, it’s still finding its home on many devices.

Interestingly this number counts “active devices”, usually meaning devices that are actually being used in the past 28 days, so that number could indeed be higher. The term “device” has also expanded further than just the usual PC/Laptop as Windows 10 can now be found on PCs, tablets, phones, the Xbox One, and Microsoft’s AR headset, HoloLens.

While the numbers continue to grow, Microsoft revealed earlier this year that its projected “1 billion active devices by 2018” has been scaled back somewhat and is now expected to happen a little later.

Up until July, Microsoft was offering users a free upgrade to Windows 10. This has now of course come to an end which means the adoption of the new OS will slow down somewhat.

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