UN Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has just joined another team. No someone hasn’t started another Justice League team, she’s now a U.N. Ambassador, but what other comic book character could take a seat at the U.N.? First, let’s take a crack at who WOULDN’T make for a good fit.

  1. Doctor Doom is off the list, if we give him diplomatic immunity New York will never be the same again. Though on a serious note, Doctor Doom is the ruler of Latveria (not to be confused with real country Latvia) and used his diplomatic immunity to harass the Fantastic Four.
  2. No, as awesome as it would be, Batman cannot become an ambassador since he doesn’t have a country to represent. Well, not yet unless Bane takes over Gotham again and tries to turn it into a rogue state. Again.
  3. Aquaman and Namor are probably going to war over who would represent Atlantis and that would have serious consequences for everyone.

Now onto the crew who deserve their representation on the board, and might help improve our world once and for all.

  1. We all knew this one was coming guys, the Black Panther T’Challa would make a great addition to the U.N. If we can get Wakanda around the table, we may finally all have the technology to make costume Iron Man suits. Imagine all the fun stuff we could make out of Vibranium? Cars or even cutlery?
  2. The half-brother of infamous Teen Titan heel turner Terra, Geo-Force is the perfect guy to represent Markovia, and not just because he’s a member of a royal family. With his vast array of powers, he could really rock the general the assembly..with his Earth-based superpowers of course.
  3. It’s just time to accept Cobra Commander will not go away. I say we let them build their until little nation or expand one of their tropic headquarters and declare it a nation. Then we can regulate them and control their fiendish actions. Or just send Wonder Woman around to dispense some Diplomatic Destruction.
  4. We’ve invited the superheroes like Wonder Woman and maybe Aquaman when his movie comes around. But now it’s time to look to the skies. We have to acknowledge Cybertron as an ally now that the Transformers are no longer at war. Optimus Prime is free to take a seat at the U.N. General Assembly and offer any aid in any galactic threat the Earth may face.
  5. Last but not least, he leader of the Cenation needs to bring Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect to the U.N. John Cena himself will give any rogue nations a solid attitude adjustment to promote peace.

Who else do you think would make for a great addition to our panel of world leaders?

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