Okay, this game is adorably cute, and fortunately thanks to 210 backers on Kickstarter, Nairi is going to happen with just six days left to go.

HomeBearStudios announced their point and click graphic adventure Nairi around a month ago and launched the game on Kickstarter. Looking for just 7,500 Euro to make this insanely sweet game a reality, with just six days to go they’ve done it!

“With NAIRI now funded and Greenlit on Steam, we’d like to start sharing what we have planned for stretch goals.” said Joshua van Kuilenburg, project lead at HomeBearStudio. “By reaching these, it would allow us to further immerse players into a living and breathing world and really enrichen the exotic city of Shirin. We’re excited to be announcing our plans in tonight’s update.”

But what is Nairi? It’s a point-and-click graphic adventure game which pulls inspiration from the likes of The Last Airbender, Spirited Away, and Toy Story. The game tells the story of an abandoned upper-class girl who meets Rex, a criminal-turned-scholar. Together they explore the secrets of the city of Shirin.

It also features absolutely adorable hand-drawn characters like these little fellas:


Oh and there’s a trailer too!

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Nairi is set to land on Steam in March 2017. Those who back the game on Kickstarter will get a DRM-free version of the game as well as a Steam key.

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