Batman Arkham VR Releases

The Playstation VR is just about to drop, and being one of the least expensive VR devices out there at the moment at £350 (for the headset alone) it’s bound to have a big debut.

As such the PSVR launch titles are leaping onto the scene, with one of the biggest names in the lineup being Batman: Arkham VR, which Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released today.

Batman: Arkham VR sees players plunging into the Dark Knight’s universe, where they’ll need to “think like Batman” and utilize his legendary gadgets to solve an all new Batman: Arkham mystery.

David Haddad, President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, had the following to say on the release of Batman: Arkham VR:

“Rocksteady has embraced virtual reality with Batman: Arkham VR and innovated upon the franchise so that fans can really immerse themselves into this beloved Batman: Arkham world. The game truly places players into the role of the World’s Greatest Detective unlike any other form of entertainment and it is a high quality VR experience.”

Batman: Arkham VR is available now for Playstation VR. The headset will be compatible will all versions of the PS4.

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