Veterans of Sid Meier’s Civilization series will remember times where civilisations had more than one leader. This was something Firaxis has left out in games since Civilization IV but now the developer has confirmed that in Civilization VI, multiple leaders will once again return.

This announcement comes as 2K and Firaxis unveil that Greece can be led by Gorgo in addition to Pericles who was announced back in September. Rather that just being a different character sprite and name, Gorgo will also have her own unique ability, Thermopylae. What this means is that, in combat, Greece will gain a Culture bonus from killing or destroying enemies in combat.

To be more specific, those who have Gorgo leading Greece, when an enemy unit is defeated, Greece will receive 50 percent of the defeated unit’s base strength in Culture.

“Gorgo seeks glory in combat, therefore she will never give up items in a peace deal,” Firaxis explains in a blog post. “She prefers civs who haven’t yielded in a peace deal and dislikes any civ who has surrendered in a peace deal or any civ who has never engaged in war.”

Chances are this is the first of many multiple leaders for certain civilisations, I’m sure we’ll find out more as the games’s release looms ever closer.

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Civilization VI launches on PC on October 21.

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