StarCraft 2

As part of the upcoming BlizzCon 2016 virtual goodies, it has been announced over on the blog that D.Va is coming to StarCraft 2.

The Overwatch Hero will be the first announcer whose origins lie outside the lore of StarCraft 2. As a member of Overwatch, D.Va of course started her rise to fame by being a championship of Starcraft 2 at the age of 16. Once the world needs heroes though she went from pro gamer to pro hero and joined Overwatch.

The announcer pack will be available to those who attend Blizzcon 2016 or who purchase the virtual ticket. The pack will be available to purchase at a later time, but no date has been stated at the moment.

There will also be a D.Va portrait that can be used in StarCraft 2 as well be released alongside the announcer pack. This however will not be available to purchase and will be exclusive to those with Blizzcon 2016 tickets or those who have virtual tickets.

Head over to Blizzard’s page to hear some of the voice lines that will be included in the update.

This announcement marks the final set of digital goodies for Blizzcon 2016 to be revealed. The D.Va annoucer pack and portait will sit proudly with an skin for Blizzcon 2016 Bastion skin, a Diablo pet for Diablo 3, a card back for Hearthstone, the Nexus Tiger Mount for Heroes of the Storm and some pets for World of Warcraft. You can see the complete set of goodies here, and enjoy their beauty.

BlizzCon 2016 takes place on November 4th and 5th.

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