dragon ball fusions

Now Bandai Namco has officially confirmed that Dragon Ball Fusions is coming to the west, we can finally get hyped by some of the gameplay trailers that are being released.

Although the game has been available in Japan for some time now, the game has recently just received its first update which adds a few new pieces of content to the game. This includes a new Space-Time Radar stage which you can see in the trailer below.

In addition we get a look at an online battle through the “Online Versus & Ranking” mode. This mode, as you’d expect allows players to fight against friends and other players online to be ranked across the globe.

Dragon Ball Fusions is a brand new came coming to the Nintendo 3DS that’ll play like no other Dragon Ball game. The main concept of Fusions is that players can fuse together characters from the entire Dragon Ball universe to create new, hybrid characters to take into battle.

Take a look at the gameplay below:

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