Dual Universe

The Kickstarter campaign for Novaquark’s insanely ambitious Sci-Fi MMORPG Dual Universe has come to an end, and it’s great news. The campaign managed to raise a little over its 500,000 Euro target.

The campaign, which came to an end yesterday managed to raise over €565k and became the third most funded video game on Kickstarter this year.

“We did incredibly well thanks to our amazing community! It’s even more impressive considering the fact that the studio went from having no visibility to a successful €565k campaign in a matter of three months.” says JC Baillie, Creative Director & Founder of Novaquark. “We introduced our game during the last E3 in June 2016 and rose to become the third most funded Kickstarter videogame launched in 2016, with a vibrant and growing community.”

For those who don’t know or may have missed the campaign, Dual Universe is set to be an absolutely epic persistent Sci-Fi MMORPG where players can visit far-off planets, build their own civilisation, buildings, space craft, and much more. Players will have the freedom to build whatever they can imagine, and populate the various planets in the game’s huge universe.

It truly sounds like something wondrous, and we’re really happy to hear that the game’s campaign was a success.

For those who wanted to hit the game’s various stretch goals, all hope is not lost as Novaquark are working on a crowdfunding website due to popular demand to help reach those stretch goals. The website will offer alternative payment methods like PayPal, and will give players the chance to grab pledges similar to those on the Kickstarter page.

Although it’s very early days, Dual Universe fans have already created around 900 organisations with the game’s Facebook page already hitting 50,000 fans. If you haven’t checked Dual Universe out, then I’d definitely recommend it.

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