While smartwatches seem to becoming all the rage at the moment, there are still several companies putting their all into watches which do the one thing watches were designed to do: Tell the time. EONIQ is one of those companies and today they’ve launched an IndieGoGo campaign for a pair of watches which you can fully customise.

EONIQ‘s fully customisable mechanical watches allow wearers to customise every aspect of the hand-assembled timepiece, complete with a made to order watch face. Choose the colours, straps, and more, as well as adding a more personal touch to the watch face in the form of a signature or even a little drawing.

All of this is done through an intuitive “create your own” service that allows wearers to inject some personal touches into the device, not possible with other watches at a similar price point. There are a handful of existing templates to choose from, alternatively they can choose their own.

EONIQ is offering two base models, Pinot Black, a $198 watch available in 38 and 42mm. This watch comes in sapphire crystal, quality stainless steel and skeleton case options. Next up, there’s the Navigator, starting at $298, it’s a pilot watch with a glow-in-the-dark face. It’ll also come with sapphire crystal, a sapphire exhibition case back, and a stainless steel 48mm diameter 10ATM case. It also offers Citizen movement.

At this price, they’re going to fly off the virtual shelves, so if you’re looking to grab one, I’d hurry. EONIQ is looking for $50,000 to make these watches a reality, and at time of writing they’re almost half way there. Be sure to head on over to their IndieGoGo page to find out more.


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