The end is nigh for Wolverine, everyone’s favourite short Canadian. Hugh Jackman’s final adventure as the X-Man has a title and release date. As you’ve probably seen by the poster below, the title of movie shall be Logan. Not Enemy of the State or Old Man Logan, which some people were hoping for.


Though for those fans of Mark Millar’s cult favourite storyline, the word Logan is in the title and Jackman has been spotted wearing old age prosthetics. For those unaware: here’s a quick breakdown of Old Man Logan. It’s the future and the world has been taken over by bad guys and the heroes have lost, Logan has gone into retirement as he was tricked into killing the X-Men.

He must travel across the villain-infested USA and see the great legacy of heroes tarnished by the corrupted world. Highlights include a Hilly Billy Hulk family, and Captain America villain, The Red Skull, as the President of the USA wearing Cap’s old costume as his uniform.

The other likely follow up would be Enemy of the State, which feels like more of a natural follow up from Age of Apocolypse since Wolverine turned up as a brainwashed member of Weapon X. Enemy of the State follows Wolverine looking into a kidnapping for a friend where’s he’s killed and resurrected by The Hand, a clan of Ninjas to become an unstoppable killing machine. He then goes on a tour around the Marvel Universe trying to kill the Fantastic Four, Daredevil and many other Marvel heroes. It was also written by Kick-Ass writer, Mark Millar and drawn by Kick-Ass artist, John Romitta Jr.

Also, note the cuts on his arm in the poster. What has happened to his healing powers? Currently, Logan has died in the comics (the Old Man Logan is from another universe) so mayhaps that’s some inspiration?

We’ll just have to wait until March to find out.

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