Now, I’ve seen and heard many metal versions of the Star Wars theme, but what I haven’t seen before is an entire band dedicated to turning Star Wars into a metal phenomenon, and actually pull it off well. Well, that was until I saw Galactic Empire’s take on the star wars theme.

The band, which you may have head of already, comprises of recognisable characters from the Star Wars movies, but with slightly different names (probably so they don’t hear directly from the lawyers over at the House of Mouse). In the band we’ve got Dark Vader (lead guitar), Boba Sett (drums), Bass Commander (bass), Shadow Ranger (guitar) and Red Guard (guitar).

Watching videos of them perform is all well and good, but what about seeing them in person? Well, you can as they’re coming to bring the Dark Side over to the UK this December!

Here’s when you’ll be able to catch up with the Galactic Empire:

  • 01-Dec    Patterns (ex Audio), Brighton
  • 02-Dec    Talking Heads, Southampton
  • 03-Dec    The Hub, Plymouth
  • 04-Dec    The Fleece, Bristol
  • 05-Dec    The Globe, Cardiff
  • 06-Dec    Plug, Sheffield
  • 07-Dec    O2 Academy 3 Birmingham, Birmingham
  • 08-Dec    The Venue – Derby, Derby
  • 09-Dec    Arts Club, Loft, Liverpool
  • 10-Dec    O2 ABC2 Glasgow, Glasgow
  • 11-Dec    Buskers, Dundee
  • 12-Dec    The Mash House, Edinburgh
  • 13-Dec    O2 Academy2 Newcastle, Newcastle
  • 14-Dec    The Zephyr Lounge, Leamington Spa
  • 15-Dec    The Scholar, Leicester
  • 16-Dec    Bedford Esquires, Bedford
  • 17-Dec    The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes
  • 19-Dec    Sub 89, Reading
  • 20-Dec    O2 Academy Islington, London

Tickets can be purchased via See Tickets.

Joining the Galactic Empire on tour will be solo instrumentalist Nick Johnston, which is a treat in itself.

Until December, you can check out Galactic Empire performing the Star Wars theme below:

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