Remember back in the day when our controllers only had two buttons and one directional pad? Yeah, those were the days. Now we have controllers with 10+ buttons, two thumb sticks, and a directional pad. It makes sense, because games require a lot of input nowadays. But there’s one game which wants to take it back to basics, and that’s speedrunning platformer HoPiKo which only uses one half of the controller.

Being touted as an “immensely difficult speed-run platformer where only half of the controller matters”, the game looks pretty insane, but at the same time a lot of fun and incredibly easy to pick up and play probably due to the half controller thingy. Though I may be wrong.

But when can we play the game? Well Merge Games along with developers Laser Dog have announced that HoPiKo will be launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 19. So go grab your hack saw, lets cut our controllers in half.

Wait wait, I’m kidding, don’t really do that.

Anyway, HoPiKo is a fast-paced platformer which uses only the right side of the controller, oh and it’s set in zero-g to make things that little bit easier. Players will play the game using an aim and release control method on just the right stick alone.



In HoPiKo a virus has infected gaming hardware across the globe rendering all systems useless. The HoPiKo who ran the games, have been enslaved, and it’s up to the player to rescue their HoPiKo brothers!

Anyway, don’t let me ramble on, check out some gameplay below:

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