The Naruto anime is undergoing some drastic changes and a new era is on the horizon. There is any number of possibilities for where things could be heading, though I can’t help but wonder if one of my ideas is at least worth talking about.

Now that the anime has finished adapting the manga they’ll need some new source material. They have a series of novels to choose from which focus on the adventures of different characters like Sakura or Sasuke.

They also have Boruto and the manga and film which is associated with that. So they do have enough meat they can toss into the stew and I’m sure they can come up with a filler arc of 7.

On the subject of filler, I think some of the best filler is when they expand the world and the mythology. One of my favourite story arcs was the Kakashi Anbu arc, anything that expands the history of this world was pretty good in my opinion.

Maybe if it turns out the folks over at the Naruto anime haven’t go that much to go on. They could do an anthology series which expands the world even more. Basically, you could call it, Naruto Universe.

Naruto Universe could do story arcs from all over the shop. You could do a story about the Anbu and what they get up to. A tale about Tenten getting up to something. Or tales from the history of this world, which could follow a team of young ninjas during the fourth great war or so on.

In my opinion whenever we get a glimpse of the big world which Naruto lives in, most times out of ten we something interesting. Let’s expand on that and so what else this world has to offer.

This world is big and Naruto is a small albeit important and interesting part of it, but a whole lot of other stuff has gone on in the background which is worth checking out.

Plus I reckon the team behind the anime would totally be in their element if they just had to produce a show that was just essentially filler 100% of the time since that’s what they’ve pretty much been doing for the last two years.

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