Before Prison Architect Introversion Software released a little hacker sim called Uplink. It’s, to this day, one of my favourite sim games as despite its ageing appearance you just can’t beat that feeling of the government closing in on you as you download some encrypted files.

Fortunately due to Internet protocols hardly changing over the years, the game has remained pretty relevant, though appearance wise, it definitely looks like a game from 2001 – fifteen years ago.

That was until Introversion Software discovered a mod by Captain McBacon which “has completely overhauled the interface which has dragged Uplink out of the dark ages and straight up to date.”

So in typical Introversion fashion, they’ve decided to put together a 20 minute video about the game and detailing the mod that updates the 15 year old title.

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You can currently grab Uplink from almost any corner of the Internet. However the mod can only be found over on ModDB.

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