Microsoft unveiled a handful of new PCs during their event yesterday; the vastly improved Surface Book, to the swanky creator-focused Surface Studio, though at their current price, you may need to start saving up a little.

During their event yesterday, Microsoft kicked off by showing off an updated version of its Surface Book. According to the company the new notebook offers 30 percent more battery life (upto 16 hours) and double the graphics performance than its predecessor. The Surface Book features an i7 processor, a redesigned cooling system with an additional fan, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M GPU, which is a little surprising and somewhat disappointing seeing as the 1060 could be a much better choice here.

Impressively, Microsoft has managed to wedge all of this tech into the existing Surface Book frame, which might explain why they opted for the GTX 965M. It will however be slightly heavier than its predecessor weighing 3.63 lbs.

The Surface Book will be available in a number of configurations offering 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage priced at $2,399, $2,799, and $3,299, respectively. The notebook will be available from November 10 with pre-orders open today.

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In addition to the Surface Book, Microsoft also had something pretty exciting up its sleeve, the Surface Studio, an iMac-like PC which can easily go from your standard all-in-one PC, to an easel-style graphics tablet.


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This is the latest member of the Surface family which has a pretty firm focus on creators. This all-in-one machine includes a ton of features perfect for creative professionals and is incredibly stunning to look at.

This is of course Microsoft’s attempt at pulling people away from iMacs, and they might have done it with this one. The Surface Studio features an insanely thin 28-inch LDC panel, a “zero gravity” hinge which moves it from standard desktop to a comfortable drawing surface, and a base which houses all of the gubbins, all with just a single cable coming from the back.

Inside it’ll house an Intel Core processor, either i5 or i7, with a 2TB hybrid hard drive and an NVIDIA GPU.

The Surface Studio has some tricks up its svelte sleeve too as it’s compatible with Microsoft’s Surface Pen and a brand new doohicky, the Surface Dial, a strange puck-like device which can be rotated, like a dial (duh) to control a variety of functions from a colour palette, to finely tuning editing software. What’s more, it can also be used on the screen itself so you can see a contextual menu showing options, depending on the app you’re in.

Of course, with pricing starting at $2,999 it’s clear that the Surface Studio isn’t marketed at your average Joe, there is indeed a particular market for this PC, here’s just hoping Microsoft can pull them away from their iMacs.

Pre-orders are open right now for the Surface Studio with delivery expected in December.

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