Power Rangers VS Robocop

Could the Power Rangers, AKA the teens with attitudes make a move against Robocop? Or would it end it all just end in tears and would they end up on the trash heap with Robocop 3?

OK, so here’s the basic scenario: each one of these Versus pieces that’ll appear on the website this week will focus on the Might Morphin Seasons 1 and 2 Power Rangers going toe to toe with a different property. Today it’s the turn of Robocop, a police officer turned cyborg.

Imagine a feature film or TV special where these two properties crossed over, in an almost fan fiction fashion. The Power Rangers, are of course the colourful superheroes who use mecha and various weapons to fend off the monsters of the evil Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. With some creative licence, I’ll re-imagine what would happen if these two parties were to come into conflict. First, the setting.

Somewhere in Season 2 for the Power Rangers, Zack, Trini and Jason have left the team and Rocky and co. are taking their place. Robocop is a dizzy daydream of an OCP (Omni Consumer Products) employee but their technology hasn’t met up with his imagination for his Robocop design. The ED 209s are also floating around the office as well. Angel Grove, the hometown of the Power Rangers has been decimated by the constant ongoing battle with the Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. The economy is in free fall and city blocks have been destroyed beyond repair.

 photo angelgrovedowntown.jpg
A view into better days in the past for Angel Grove.

OCP decides that instead of setting up shop in Detroit to build their utopian Delta City, they’ll try their luck in Angel Grove. The city is desperate and with the right leverage, they manage pay people off to move away and infiltrate the shattered infrastructure. Of course, they have to deal with the constant monster attacks. Using their connections in the US Government thanks to their many defense contracts to launch a tactical nuclear strike at Zedd and Rita Moon Palace wiping out most of their forces.

Finster,  Baboo and Squat escape the moon just in time and hide out on earth turning to organised crime to survive using some of the high tech gadgets they had on the moon. They flee Angel Grove and set up shop in Stone Canyon city. Using their left over Putties they pull off a successful stint of bank robberies. Meanwhile, Jason, Zack and Trini are living in Stone Canyon. The Peace Conference they left for didn’t work out and now they’re filled with too much shame to return home. Trini uses some of Billy’s tech wizardry to magic up some private investigator licenses with a fake background and they intend to make a name for themselves taking down a spree of bank robberies.

When Rita’s formers minions make away with a sizeable loot, the former rangers follow after them and the two cops, Murphy and Lewis. Murphy confronts the Finster and the other two and is about to be gunned down when Zack, Trini, and Jason step forward; and are brutally gunned down.

In the mean time, the OCP are looking for test subjects for their prototype Robocop program.The officer of tomorrow which they need to arrest or evict the Power Rangers, as they’re the only thing they think that will stop people from moving to Delta City. When they hear of 3 experienced private instigators being gunned down in a nearby city, they realize the perfect opportunity has arisen.

The three Robocop units are sent into Stone Canyon to stop their bank robbers, which succeeding with brutal efficiency. The OCP approves, sending them into Angel Grove to arrest the Power Rangers for their illegal vigilante behaviour, which when you think about it, it totally is.

After a brief run in with the Rangers, the Robocop trio regain fragments from their past lives about being Power Rangers. Using this knowledge the OCP has the police arrest the current Rangers in their civilian identities. They send the three Robocops to the Command Centre to raid the unguarded base and steal key technology required for the completion of the ED 209s; a giant Megazord one.

Like this, but with way more lazers and death cannons.

They succeed, and badly injure Zordon and Alpha. Alpha manages to teleport the Rangers to the nearly destroyed Power Rangers and reveals that the only way to stop their three brainwashed friends is to use the Sword of Light to restore them as Power Rangers. Reluctantly Rocky, Adam and Aisha agree knowing they’ll lose their Ranger status.

Setting up a false alarm in the city, the Robocops are lured into the Power Rangers trap. Rocky and the replacement Rangers would then wield the Sword of Light and successfully transfer their powers back to the original three, turning Jason, Zack and Trini into Power Ranger cyborgs with full control of their bodies once more.

Realising what they’ve done, they team up with the still powered up Rangers and use their Megazords to take the fight directly with the giant ED 209 and destroy it. Not content with letting the Rangers succeed, OCP activates the Robocop’s self-destruct switches killing the three instantly. It’s a bittersweet victory as OCP leave Angel Grove after losing millions in research money and move back to Detroit and prepare for the next twenty years.

Rocky, Adam and Aisha accept their powers back but never forget the legacy of Jason, Zack and Trini which hang over them.

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