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Despite Nintendo unveiling the Nintendo Switch last week there are still a bunch of unanswered questions like, How much is it going to cost? When is it going to be released? Does it have a touch screen? How long does the battery last? Unfortunately it looks like we’re going to have to wait until next year until we find out those answers.

Nintendo has announced that it has scheduled a Nintendo Direct broadcast for the Switch which is set to take place on January 12, 2017. Nintendo has touted this broadcast as one for media, analysts and trade partners, but it will also be live-streamed. It’ll also be where we’ll find out the pricing and availability of the console.

The Nintendo Switch, previously known as the NX, is the company’s latest gaming device which blends hand-held and home-console features all in one. Players can expect to play the new Legend of Zelda game both at home and on the go, all on the same system.

You can find out way more through our announcement post right here.

While the Switch has been unveiled in all its glory as well as the publishing partners that’ll be releasing games for the device, we’re yet to actually get a confirmed release slate for the console. This presentation will also be where that will be revealed, so we can expect a lot of games to also make an appearance.

So while we can keep guessing or hoping that Nintendo will make the Switch affordable, we’ll know for sure in just three-ish months.

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