Thanks to users purchasing items in League of Legends, the current prize pool for the League of Legends World Championship has exceeded $4 million.

Players who purchase the Championship Zed skin and the Championship Ward will be directly contributing to the prize pool with 25 percent of each sale going towards it. What’s more, 30 percent of team icon sales are sent directly to the team.

In terms of winning a share of that money, due to the total being an ever changing number, these prizes are awarded by percentage. The team in first place will win 40 percent of the pool, second place will win 15 percent, third and fourth, 7.5 percent; fifth to eighth place, 4 percent; ninth to twelfth, 2.25 percent; and finally thirteenth to sixteenth place will win 1.25 percent each.

To put that in perspective, 1.25 percent of $4 million is still $50,000.

The total prize pool currently sits at $4,145,000, with sales continuing to be added to the pool until the final day of the World Championships. Unfortunately attempting to enter the championship at this point is impossible as the group stages have just concluded and the quarter finals are set.

The current standings can be found on the League of Legends eSport site.

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