Sony has unveiled next month’s selection of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers and they’re actually tempting me to purchase Plus again…

While I’ve found the past few months a little lacklustre, this month’s selection is really tempting me. As always, there’s a selection of games across all Sony platforms from PS4 to PS Vita. So, what’s in store?

On PlayStation 4 next month players will be able to grab Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture from The Chinese Room – if that’s your sort of thing or if you’ve yet to check the game out, it’s definitely a good time to dive into a world where no one exists.

Next up is probably one of my favourite games I’ve ever played, The Deadly Tower Of Monsters, a parody of itself as players dive into an old-school horror movie setting based on a tower filled with monsters (and obviously terrible SFX). If you’re a fan of top-down adventure games I can’t recommend this enough.

On other platforms you’ll find DiRT 3 and Costume Quest 2 on PlayStation 3, and Letter Quest Remasterd, and Pumped BMX+ for PS Vita (with cross buy on PS4).

Yeah, I may have to purchase PS Plus this month…

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