Wow, how did I let this series almost slip past me? I guess this is what happens when you secretly forgot to read Secret Wars. That’s right, Marvel has sniffed out a winner from all their Secret Wars spin-off series with Amazing Spider-man: Renew Your Vows.

Spinning off from one of the patchworks worlds created by Marvel’s 2015 story event, watch Peter Parker deal with family and superhero life with a new crazy twist. This time, Spider-man is not fighting crime alone because now he’ll be joined by his wife Mary Jane, and their child, Annie May who also have spider powers and costumes to match.

So if you ever wondered what Marvel would’ve done with Peter and MJ’s baby from the 90’s story event, The Clone Saga. Here’s your chance. I kind of love it whenever someone tries to create an expanded roster of spider-characters. It’s why I liked Web Warriors, Spider-verse and it’s even why I own a handful of issues of the Spinners.

The Spinners you say? Well back in the day, Spider-man was accused of murder so Peter Parker had to create four separate identities, each represented a part of his personality to clear his name. Then four other people got hold of the suits and formed a superhero team. That’s why I salute the efforts of Gerry Conway and artist Ryan Stegman for having another solid swing at this.

This whole fan backed demand reminds of the most recent Scarlet Spider series where it had it’s run extended by popular demand. Get ready for the wedding reception as the Amazing Spider-man: Renew Your Fans #1 hits the stands on November 9th! If you can’t wait until then, check out our preview images below including some variant covers and few pages to get you excited for the adventure that’s about to begin.

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