This week people have gone a little stir crazy over the idea of Quentin Tarantino sitting in the director chair for Deadpool 2, and while it’s a bit of a far fetched dream (David Leitch has since stepped into the role), have they crossed paths before? Could Pulp Fiction be about an undercover Nick Fury and Emil Blonsky (the bad guy from The Hulk) trying to get their hands on of the infamous Infinity Gems?

Think about… Samuel L. Jackon plays Jules, a hitman who has a convenient epiphany after him and his partner get their hands on a mysterious package. He suddenly disappears with no real explanation… was Jules actually Nick Fury undercover and his mission to retrieve a mysterious powerful gem like artefact so they can prevent it from getting into the wrong hands?

The crooks may have mistaken the Gem for something of value, or maybe HYDRA is using organised crime to get their hands on it?

After they obtain the object. Jules (played by the same actor, Samuel L. Jackson) has made the switch and taken the object out of the briefcase. Now he needs an excuse to get extracted. Maybe the reason all those bullets missed him in the deadbeat’s apartment was because of some SHIELD tech?

Now, he had the best excuse to fade away, his emotional epiphany is a good excuse. I mean think about it. You never see him again after the restaurant? I’ll keep the story of Pulp Fiction vague because you need to see it un-spoilt.

So at the restaurant, Ringo (played by Tim Roth, who was Emile Emil Blonsky in The Incredible Hulk) and his girlfriend decide to rob the joint, when he encounters Jules and his briefcase, he decides to let him go. After he’s seen inside the case.

Maybe Emil had been drafted into this special mission by SHIELD to extract Jules or to give him a convenient out, so he can disappear with the Infinity Gem?

So after he saw the gem, he knows that Jules has completed his mission, he’s in the process of probably staging the death of Jules until his partner Vincent interrupts them.

After some improvisation, he lets Jules go and Nick Fury can take the Infinity Gem back to his superiors.

Seriously, think about it…

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