December should be renamed Hoth with all this great Star Wars stuff we keep getting. The latest treat is another story filled trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

As we know, this story will follow a group of rebels obtaining the plans for the Death Star which sets up the story for a New Hope. The trailer sets out and explains that lead lady Jyn Esro (Felicity Jones) is drafted into the Rebel Alliance to help track down her father who has helped design and build the Death Star.

Jyn appears to be have been captured by The Empire, but when she’s rescued by the Rebels her life will change forever.

Some people have theorised that she was the TIE fighter pilot who crashes into Vader when Luke attempts to destroy the Deathstar in a New Hope. Since we see Jyn in a TIE Fighter pilots uniform.

Things are looking a bit bleak as the Rebel Alliance realise that the Empire has built the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and it’s up to a small band of Rebels to bring hope back to the galaxy.

Overall, you get a few shots of the different locations and planets the film will take place on and that a lot of Stormtroopers are going to be having a very bad day.

The main event I think most will be interested in is how Darth Vader will play into this. By the looks of it, Vader is hanging around on the Deathstar and it looks like they’re getting ready for a weapons test of some sort.

Grand Markin Toff doesn’t appear to be in charge of the station either, well not yet anyway, will this story also explain the rise of Toff?

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May the force be with you on December the 16th.

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