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Techland has announced that a brand new Halloween Community Bounty will be taking place in Dying Light this weekend that’s set to pit Survivors and Night Hunters against each other.

Begining October 28 through to October 30, players will be faced with the ultimate challenge in the “Zombiefest” a new Halloween event in Dying Light that’ll determine who is the ultimate predator in the game. Over the course of the event the cumulative kills for both Survivors and Night Hunters will be tracked live. Have you got what it takes?

All participants in this event will be awarded a Gold-tier weapon and shortly after the event new ranks for both winners and losers will be added reflecting the final result.

These new ranks include:

  • Crippled Carnivore
  • Mutilated Stalker
  • Superior Challenger
  • Savage Widow Maker
  • Hunted Hunter
  • Indisputable Apex Predator, and more.

Players can track progress through the live bounty page. These new ranks will be active for three weeks.

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