Power Rangers VS Dredd

Could Judge Dredd give the Power Rangers a run for their money? Or will the stiff-jawed lawman finally get rid of those colourful teenagers with attitude? Let’s go and find out.

Since I haven’t read a whole bunch of 2000AD comics, the Dredd I’m going to use for this idea is going to be the one for the genuinely great Dredd movie of 2012. I’m sure the more I write these, the more it’s becoming like Kingdom of Hearts with Power Rangers.

A Christopher Nolan-esque realistic toned setting for a heavy-handed visual comic book world. For the Power Rangers, I’m aiming for Season 3, and the gimmick they’ll be using for this little adventure is the Metallic Armour, which replaced the Ninja Power the Rangers got at the start of the season and didn’t really go down that well. Mostly because it just looked like all the Power Rangers costumes were just covered in glitter. To add to the product placement and to make this idea more marketable, I’m going to add in the Shark Cycles, motorcycles the Power Rangers used in Season 3. Today, though I’m going to make it useful. I wonder how well it could hold up against bullets?

So here’s the start of the story. Rita’s faithful monster making henchman, Finster is feeling under-used and undervalued. Since his new boss, Lord Zedd can create monsters with his staff, Finster doesn’t have much to do. Finster longs for the great times he had about 10,000 years ago. Then he has a brainwave, why doesn’t he see what life’s like in the future? What he creates another Dumpster which held Rita and her minions and find out what life is like in the future?

Instead of having the Dumpster on the moon, Finster decides to head to an Earth wasteland outside of Angel Grove and put the dumpster there. Instead of world domination, he plans to be a very successful criminal, like Divatox, the space pirate he’d heard about from Lord Zedd. The Power Rangers are alerted to this when they catch Finster and a group of Tengu stealing valuables from all over Angel Grove to fund their new life in the future.

Finster is chased by the Rangers on their new Shark Cycles where they arrive at the Dumpster Site, as Finster seals himself in, the new Dumpster, which is a whole lot bigger  like an underground palace (Finister wasn’t great at doing anything other than creating monsters) and is based underground in the wastelands, he accidentally sells the Power Rangers in.

Many years later, the Rangers are awoken and find a way out of the poorly lair that Finister created. They step out into Megacity One. The Power Rangers are a long way from home. Making their way through the dilapidated slums that make up Megacity One, the encounter a familiar but antagonistic face, the Tengu, the henchmen Finster bought along with him. The Tengu and a bunch of thugs are halfway through robbing a shopping centre when the Rangers appear. Once they see the Tengu flying off with the profits one by one, the plan to follow until the thugs begin firing at them with their guns.

Mega City One is a lot different than Angel Grove.

When I say guns, I mean proper guns, the real bullet shooting guns that you wouldn’t see in a Saturday morning TV show. Now you’ll understand why I was talking about the Metallic Amour. The rangers activate their Metallic Armour so that the bullets mostly just ping off them causing little or no harm to them.

For the first time in a while, they now realise that they’re going to need to use their seldom used laser pistols to return fire. They seem to be getting the upper hand until Judge Dredd shows up. Dredd has been receiving intelligence of a new gang moving into Peach Trees, a massive housing block where a monster and his minions have taken over. To add to this weirdness, a new bunch of costumed well-armed criminals were getting involved, maybe it was some kind of turf war?

Dredd opens fire on both sides, frustrated this his Lawgiver has no effect on the brightly coloured criminals. He easily wipes out the thugs protecting the winged monsters. When one of the flock gets away, the coloured suspects flee as well on shark themed motorcycles.

Dredd follows them to Peach Trees where the bird lands. From the Rangers perspective, they’re lost and confused and following the Tengu would lead them to Finster and hopefully a way home. So far, they’re just grateful that their Metallic Armour is holding up. Upon entering Peach Trees, the Rangers are sealed in the building, with Dredd. Finster, now gangster making a name for himself in Megacity One. The wannabe gangster panics and closes the blast shields and issues a challenge over the PA system to anyone who can kill the Judge and the Rangers.

The thug panics and closes the blast shields and issues a challenge over the PA system to anyone who can kill the Judge and the Rangers. After a long bloody battle, with gangs and more winged monsters and the coloured bandits, Dredd and the Rangers are nearing the top of the building where Finster is.

Dredd is frustrated with the Rangers by now, he can’t kill them and their irritating form of hand to hand combat was slowing him down, despite their flashy fighting moves being no match for his violent and vicious tactics. He’s pretty sure he’s in the middle of some kind of gang war.

Imagine breaking out moves like this with every single goon. While in a confined space.

Running low on ammo, he selects high explosive and on his next encounter with the Rangers he fires one at Adam, the Black Ranger. The explosive is so strong is causes Adam to de-morph and in the confusion, he is captured by a Tengu and took the top level where Finster is.

The other Rangers escape from Dredd, but he’s not far behind. When he sees the rangers saving some innocent children from a thug, he decides to call a truce, despite Dredd finding these do-gooders very annoying. It wouldn’t matter, after this was over, they were going to the Iso-cubes.

Together they make their way up the building. They split up, the rangers go and rescue Adam, who’s badly injured from the blast. Dredd meanwhile, takes on Finster. All of Finster’s bravado has gone, he has no tricks, Dredd had just slaughtered the last of his Tengu and henchmen with a high explosive. Dredd’s Judgment for Finster is death through a high rise window and splatter death on the ground floor 200 plus floors below.

The siege is over. Adam is receiving treatment from a medic and Dredd is about to place all the kids under arrest, until the matter is taken out of his hands, by the Time Force division of the Judges. The Timeforce stun the rangers, wipe their memories of what had happened and replace them with a caper about them beating Finster for good back in their time and then return to their era. The legacy they’re set to create still in place since Power Ranger still plays a big role in Megacity 1.

Meanwhile, Dredd is annoyed he lost his arrest and becomes curious about what the Timeforce Division is…

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