Power Rangers Fighting Games

Could the Power Rangers cut it in the video game world? Are they doomed to live out the rest of their pixels lives in a 2D side-scrolling environment? Or could they become much more?

So far I’ve been writing treatments (fan fiction of varying quality) for films and TV shows where the Power Rangers square off against another franchise. This time, I’m looking at something a little different. I saw a clip of the upcoming Power Ranger game which is coming out in 2017, a side-scrolling co-op thing for all platforms and I just thought, is there another way?

They’re been a bunch of video games with the Power Rangers name slapped on it. Not many you can really write home about. So, my hypothetical pitch (bad fan fiction) is a Power Rangers fighting game using the classic pretense for any fighting game, a martial arts tournament of some sorts.


Below is the story campaign for one of the Power Rangers I’ve been thinking about. Billy Cranston, the first blue Power Ranger. Here’s the basic setup: Rita and Zedd have left Squat and Baboo in charge of things whilst they’ve taken their competent henchmen to an event the other side of the galaxy. The bumbling duo play way too many video games and after binging on a whole bunch of fighting games, they decide to do it in real life.

Using Finster’s workshop, they create a bunch of monster based on famous small and big screen martial artists including Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van-Damme, and many others. The final fight was supposed to be with Bruce Li, but when the cloning machine goes wrong and creates Ip Man, Bruce Lee’s mentor (based off Jet Li’s portrayal in the Chinese films) who is super powerful.

Stages can be based all over the shop. In the Command Centre, Rita’s Moon Palace, and so on and so forth. Imagine all these martial artists donning rubber suits like your standard Power Rangers villain but with a whole lot easier throw a kick or punch in.

They then kidnap a bunch of contestants which includes the Power Rangers, normal human martial artists, some memorable monsters from the franchise and a bunch of Putty Patrollers. Make sure you add in the Mutant Rangers and Dark Rangers to that roster to add some more story to the game as you battle against an evil doppelganger who knows your moves.

Power ups could include the character using the Metallic Armour, Ninja Ranger Power and finishers could include the Megazords whilst laser blaster and weapons are merged into standard combat. Later DLC could include Masked Rider, VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, Tattooed Men from Beverly Hills and the Samurai Super Squad and so on and so forth. The next round of DLC could include Rangers from different franchises and a challenge to use the Megazords in.

The penultimate fight before Ip Man if where you’ll have to face another ranger. For Billy, it’ll be Trini. After facing Trini a cut scene will talk about how Billy has improved as fighter but relies too much on his heightened abilities as a Power Ranger to win and he has to embrace all his gifts.

Billy battles Ip man and he is tough, inspired by the final battle in the Naruto Ninja Storm 4 campaign, the final moments of the fight are decided with quick time events, where Billy uses his brains to beat Ip man. The tournament is over and Billy has won. The credits roll and you can try the next player.

So that’s the basic gist of a Power Rangers fighting game that I don’t think Saban would pay for and in a reality where Platinum games don’t give the franchise the Transformers Devastation treatment. Even if this pitch failed with a video game publisher, this could work as an OVA or a crowd-funded film or some sort? Not necessarily focusing on Billy, that just my example.

To pace out the story you could watch Billy in between fights or even before the tournament improving on his fighting style by training harder than ever before.

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