Power Rangers VS Pacific Rim


What if the Kaiju and the Power Rangers crossed paths? How would the events of Pacific Rim be different? Could the Power Rangers manage to defend planet Earth from such odds or is that the end of our world?

Just like yesterday’s piece, I’m taking rich handfuls of both franchises and taking a little bit of creative licence. I’d mash up these two franchises just like how it was originally rumoured that  Godzilla and the live action mecha franchise would meet up. We’re back in Season 1. Rita hasn’t met Zedd yet, and in her latest evil scheme, she tried opening a portal to another dimension only to find the home of the legendary Kaiju, giving her access to a slurry of leviathan.

When she heads out to the sea to greet these monsters with all of her henchmen, they are all overwhelmed by forces they couldn’t hope to control, and don’t make it back home. The beasts make their way to Angel Grove and begin to destroy the city. The Power Rangers leap into action and meet the Kaiju in their Megazord’s, the Dino Megazord and the Dragon Zord. Likewise unprepared for the devastating power presented, things go horribly wrong the Dragon Zord is instantly downed and Tommy is killed.

The Dino Megazord and the Rangers desperately fight on as they give the Angel Grove citizens time to escape. The Zord is badly damaged and the remaining Rangers try to escape. As they leap off the Zord, only Zack manages to scrape by and survive as a Kaiju lands one final blow, causing an explosion and executing the other four Rangers.

Zack lands in the almost evacuated city and is badly injured. His body is badly burned. The Kaiju rampaged through the city towards the Command Centre. Zordon orders Alpha to teleport away to safety but he’s already been very badly damaged by debris dropping on him. He’s zapped away with a handful of Command Centre tech as Zordon is wiped out by a rampaging Kaiju. Zack is found by Bulk and Skull and three of them evacuate the city. The remains of the Megazords are left scattered over Angel Grove and it’s port.

Five years have passed. Humanity has been backed into a corner as many flee behind defensive walls and hope that one day, the Jaegers, giant mecha’s will beat off these horrible monsters.

In order to fight monsters, humanity had to create monsters.

Zack is a bitter labourer working on a wall and just wants to sulk and drown his sorrows away with a bottle of booze. His only way to channel his anger is through cage fighting using Hip Hop-kido. In the wasteland that was once part of America, Marshal Stacker Pentecost of the Jager Program is called to the ruins of Cross World City where scavengers have found something of interest. An android called Alpha speaks something called the Megazords. Restoring Alpha with the help of his team as the Jager Programs base of operations, the Shatterdome, he brings Alpha fully back online.

He spills the beans on the Power Rangers and explains how the remains of the Megazords can be turned into the more powerful Thunderzords; and the only thing left to find are pilots. Using some tech from the Command Centre they track down the six pilots they need. Stacker approaches Zack and offers him a chance to even the score and make his criminal convictions for underground fighting go away after he savagely beats a guy from Cross World City (a little reference hardcore fans may get and will come in handy later). Zack has no choice but to accept.

Zack is taken to a base in Stone Canyon. Meeting Alpha, Zack puts the blame on the other Rangers lives on him for not equipping the rangers with more powerful Zords sooner. Later on, he’s introduced to the other pilots of the new Megazord. He meets Stackers two choices who are both drift compatible for the new Megazord, Mako Mori who is a calculated soul who’ll control the pink module, Raleigh Becket a former Jaeger pilot who lost his twin, who’ll pilot the yellow module.

The other three come from the Power Rangers tree. Josephine “Jo” McCormick a former Big Bad Beelteborg who lost her friends and family in a Kaiju attack, will pilot of the blue module. Carter Grayson, a rescue worker from the Lightspeed Rescue Agency who specialises in response to Kaiju attacks, will pilot the black module. Finally Zack will be in charge, taking command of the red module. Zack hates this and he wants out, not listening to Stacker and Alpha explaining the plans for the sixth white module Zord.

Storming around the hanger Zack get’s into a shoving match with Jager pilots, the Silver Guardians consisting of Adam and Rocky (both bitter after the dead of their friend Aisha) which broken up by their commanding officer, Eric Myers.

The base is suddenly put on alert when Kaiju suddenly attack the coast. The Silver Guardians and other Jager are dispatched. The other Jagers are sent to the deep sea to prevent any more Kaiju from getting further, whilst the Silver Guardians Jager defend the destroyed dock of Angel Grove, whilst the new Megazord pilots are meant to navigate to the still-destroyed Megazords.

Stacker orders the new ‘team’ to go on foot to avoid the Kaiju spotting them. Along the way, they find the city if full of lost and feral Putty Patrollers, and the team is forced into hand to hand combat to save their skin. Beginning to bond and work together, Zack partially gets over the guilt of what happened to the Power Rangers. They finally arrive at their Zords just as the Silver Guardians Jager is on its last legs. The team power up their Zords and create the Thunder Megazord with the aid of drift technology.

The mix of memories is overwhelming at first until they all focus on the one thing they have in common: how the Kaiju have changed their lives. Many sense Zack’s guilt and convince him it wasn’t his fault and he has a new team to work with him. The new Megazord aids the Silver Guardians Jager in beating down the Kaiju. The fight isn’t over, as the Thunder Megazord must take the Silver Guardians Jager to the portal to aid in one final attempt to close the portal.

Imagine this, except the Mecha is about a thousand times more colorful and badass.

As the two machines approach the underwater portal, they become totally overwhelmed by a record-breaking Kaiju emerging from the depths. Just when it looks like it’s over, the White Tiger Zord arrives, piloted by former VR Trooper Ryan Steele (a little reference to how Steel was originally going to be the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo.) The three manage to close the portal, however with the Thunder Megazord and Silver Guardians Jager are so badly damaged that the White Tiger Zord must collect all the escape pods and head to the surface.

On the flight back, Zack begins to slip, nearly fulfilling the proper poetic conclusion to his arc, but of course Zack can’t die. Ryan wants a re-match after their underground fight. The Tiger Zord escapes the blast by the skin of their teeth and running on fumes. Barely able to maintain form, they wait for rescue to arrive.

With the Kaiju’s gone and the Jaegers all destroyed the team aren’t sure what to do next, up until Alpha mentions something called the Zeo Crystal and Ryan talks about how Gold is more his colour. Stacker informs the team that satellites have detected a new palace has been built on the moon and a new bad guy called Lord Zedd has taken over the airwaves and is declaring his plans to take over the world…

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