Power Rangers VS Stargate

Could the Power Rangers  take on the might of the Stargate villain the Goa’uld? Would Billy and Daniel Jackson be the best of friends? Who would in a fight Sam or Cater or Tommy? All shall be told.

When it comes to continuity, both Stargate and Power Rangers have a lot in common. Both have a mythology which is a total mess and has lots of bits and bobs that no one ever brings up, like the time the Power Rangers were baked into a giant pizza or the Stargate alien race, The Furlongs. To help empathise and justify me writing these, I’m going to initially pitch my vision for this franchise before we get into all the fan fiction stuff.

So this idea is like an alternate version of the 1994 Stargate film which was loosely the inspiration for the TV show, Stargate SG1. This time, we’ve added some Power Rangers which would then mesh into the later commissioned TV shows. I’m going to mix this up with the Power Rangers Season 3 opening story of the team being sent to Edenoi to introduce the ill-fated Masked Rider franchise who has trouble with the bad guy, Count Dregon.

We start off with the Stargate being discovered and installed in a US Airforce base. When an unmanned drone goes through the galactic portal, the footage that comes back reveals a bunch of colourful figures viciously slaughtering what seems to be unarmed civilians.

The Airforce then believes that the Power Rangers around Angel Grove are some kind of alien sleeper cell with plans to take over the planet. Jack O’Neil is dragged out of retirement to lead a black ops mission to spy on the heroes of Angel Grove. It doesn’t take long for them to discover all the characters civilian identities. One night, the team capture and kidnap the Rangers whilst they’re asleep at home and take them to Stargate complex (not really going to name because it’s two different places in the film and TV series and I can’t decide which I prefer really)

The teens are interrogated about the Power Rangers activities and if they’re part of an alien invasion of some sort. Things change when someone steps through the portal, a Prince by the name of Dex. He explains everything to the top brass and archaeological consultant Daniel Jackson about how an evil alien race called the Goa’uld are attacking his planet and are looking to take over the galaxy with a stolen weapon called Serpentera, from another non-Goa’uld warlord called Lord Zedd.

He explains that the leader of this charge is Count Dregon, a system lord looking to take over a new part of the galaxy. He was known as a god of Asian mythology, but his name has been long lost since, though Daniel Jackson can trace his visual appearance to some ancient records he has hold of. It’s also revealed that mysterious coloured warriors that have been seen on Edenoi are the Mighty Morphin’ Alien Rangers who have been infected with Goa’uld symbiotes.

When Zordon and Alpha zap the bunch to the Command Centre and back it up with more evidence and a desperate Alpha who doesn’t want to see his home planet destroyed. A plan is set in motion. Happy that the Power Rangers aren’t a secret alien force, but instead a useful asset, the Power Rangers are reluctantly placed under US Air Force jurisdiction based on past deeds.

They must team up with a battalion of soldiers and Daniel Jackson and go through the Stargate and stop Dregon before it’s too late. The team heads through the Stargate with Dex, who later reveals himself as Masked Rider. The team do not get on at first, but during the 2nd act, we get some bonding moments and some cool action sequences.

Then for the third act, Daniel Jackson gets kidnapped and is forced to help to fully power up Serpentera with his knowledge of ancient alien technology that’s he gained whilst on the planet and through his research on Earth.

The team most work together to board Serpentera and rescue him. They do so, but it’s too late, as Serpentera is at full power and is piloted by the formidable Goa’uld controlled Alien Rangers. Suddenly a mysterious mecha swoops in and destroys Serpentera and sadly the Alien Rangers. This is the Astro Megazord, which was supposed to arrive in the sequel, but ended up being dealt with in the TV spinoff.

The team go home with better relationships and a new era in front of them. Daniel Jackson stays on Edenoi to learn more about the galaxy and the rangers and soldiers return home. Of course, we all know the history of this story, the film spawned a TV series which was loosely based on the film.

In that respect, the TV series this film pitch could be based on could include the Stargate team going to different worlds and encountering bits of Power Rangers mythology. You could call it Stargate PR1 for instance. The relationship the Power Rangers have with the Air force could be a bit tricky and a source of drama.

Maybe the Airforce try creating their own team of Rangers with a ZPM? Or maybe the Zeo Crystal (the thing that creates Power Rangers Zeo) is a ZPM? They could also encounter the planet where some of the Power Rangers in Space Megazords are stored, the Lost Galaxy planet and even the Phantom Ranger.

A big teaser is of course, the appearance of the Astro Megazord, the megazord used by Power Rangers in Space which could be an over-arching plotline. What if a different set of Power Ranger morphers were found at Atlantis? Maybe the In Space Morphers came from there? Or maybe the mystery from Power Rangers Turbo, the Shadow Ranger did? I mean a whole lot of the Power Rangers is space related. Maybe a few bad guys could turn up like Divatox for example, just to keep the theme going.

Also as a funny note, imagine Bulk and Skull taken over by the Goa’uld?

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