It’s here you guys, it’s finally here. The Power Rangers trailer has landed and we got our first look at everything in motion.

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First thoughts? Well, it’s heavy on Chronicle vibes. It has the same dark tone and seems to follow a bunch of outcast kids from different cafeteria groupings. The trailer kicks off with Jason being chewed out by his dad for having to go to Saturday school to graduate. He’s been electronically tagged and looks like has had a brush in with the law.

At this Saturday school, he meets a bullied Billy (by what looks like Bulk or maybe Skull?) There is also Trini, who looks like she’s the outcast of the group with people writing harsh things on her locker. Kim is entering her awkward rebellious phase as she cut’s her hair and can’t attend practice on weekends and is pushed out her friendship group for it. Zack  is seen hanging out on a rooftop looking cool. He seems to be the most well-adjusted of the group

Angel Grove looks like a small little town instead of a big city, likely for budget constraints. Things go a bit Chronicle when the group enters a restricted area and find some kind of mysterious rock where each of them gets their own crystal power coin.

Next, things kind of go Spider-man when all the kids realise they’ve gotten all ripped and strong and stuff as if puberty has turned them into super soldiers. Knowing that the power coins have some strange abilities at school and they kids have powers outside of morphing we hit the quick montage. The kids are swimming under water to what looks like the Command Centre, a load of action set pieces which are teased including a car chase, a few fight scenes, and Jason and Kim kissing.

Then we cut to Rita Repulsa approaching Trini in bed and Rita telling her that’s she killed Rangers before. Please tell me that’ll set up the episode where they found Power Rangers existed in the wild west. We finish off with a shot with them morphing for the first time.

Hyped?, Yes I am, it’s like super serious and a little bit Micheal Bay, but I’m still really hopeful this will all work.

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I didnt expect to see such a good trailer about Power Rangers. Im curioius about this movie.