When you think of TinyBuid, you probably see light hearted games like Speedrunners, Punch Club, and No Time to Explain. So you can understand my surprise when the developer announced stealth horror game Hello Neighbour at TwitchCon.

Hello Neighbour is described as a “stealth horror game with advanced AI”. This game has players attempting to break into their neighbours house, but what makes it so terrifying is that the AI learns and adapts from players’ actions and starts to counter them.

Enter through the window? The AI will learn that and be waiting. Switch things up and head to the back door, next time, he’ll prepare for that. Get caught and plan to make your escape back where you came from? Boom, he’ll be there, and you’re fucked.

Why are you breaking into your neighbours home? To figure out what he’s got hiding in his basement. Spooky.

Honestly, it looks absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to see more. Check out the trailer below for a quick glimpse of the game, or head on over to the Steam Page to add Hello Neighbour to your wish list. Oh, and you can sign up to an alpha, too.

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The trailer is great. They have me excited about this game now!