Toy Story That Time Forgot

Disney has announced the shift in release dates of two of its highly anticipated Pixar flicks and I’m not happy.

Previously delayed to 2018, Toy Story 4 has been once again delayed by another year, and will now be launching on June 21, 2019. Disney hasn’t revealed why the movie has seen a two year delay, but all I can say is that 2019 better hurry up as a 9-year wait is a bit silly.

Snapping up the previous 2018 date held by Toy Story is The Incredibles 2 which will now launch on June 15, 2018.

According to sources, the reason for the two movies shifting spots is because Pixar “accelerated” the production schedule for The Incredibles 2, though no reason was given as to why.

Pixar fans have been waiting for some time for a new Incredibles movie, which first launched in 2004. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.

The next Pixar movie to launch in theatres is Cars 3 which will take place in 2017. Following that we’ll have The Incredibles 2 and of course Toy Story 4. After this however, we’re unsure as Pixar has no further sequels planned right now.

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