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No Man’s Sky has hit the news once again and unsurprisingly it’s another negative piece. What is it exactly? Oh, just the fact that No Man’s Sky has become one of the worst rated games on Steam.

First highlighted on reddit, the Steam page for No Man’s Sky shows that the game has “Mostly Negative” reviews based on around 71,000 reviews. Of the 5,200+ that have reviewed the game in the last 30 days the game has an “Overwhelmingly Negative” score.

To break it down even further, 12 percent of the reviews posted in the last 30 days have been positive, and in total only 32 percent of the reviews are positive.

No Man’s Sky has been shrouded in controversy since launch, mostly due to the way the game was marketed and what the actual game involved. Many users were disappointed by the game and called for refunds. It also had one of the sharpest player declines on Steam, and the Advertising Standards Agency has been called in over its marketing.

What’s more, it’s recently come to light that Hello Games themselves were responsible for giving the game its AAA price tag, rather than launching it at a much cheaper price.

What are your thoughts? Have Hello Games fucked up? If the game had launched much cheaper would there be less anger?

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